What makes us different

Fair Distribution

Non-Profits fall under intense scrutiny. That’s why every currency taken in will be guaranteed to go towards the offering.

Full Customization

Everything built on the network can be customized to suit all of your needs. Custom units, looks, systems, and more.

Proof of Merit

We’ve developed our own algorithm to accurately determine a token’s real world value.

Charity First

90% of everything goes towards donations, including the transaction fees on the network. We only take the remaining 10% for operational costs. Period.

Steady Growth

Since LyticTail operates like a mutual fund, every time someone new comes onboard, the coin’s value increases.

Independent Consensus

Everyone has a say when it comes to how the network operates. Just donate to the cause, and we will give you time of day.

The Digital Economy Platform of the Future

We take your assets, and then turn them into ideas. Convert any product, service, fund, anything with tangible value, into a usable tool.

Everytime someone uses LyticTail, 90% of the transaction fees goes to a charitable cause. Everyone gets to feel good now when they buy their lattes.

LyticTail’s value is pegged to the combined value of everything on the network. No more pump and dumps. Also, pay less in taxes since you get to write this off as a charitable donation.

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